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Since 1977, Stairways has been manufacturing "furniture that you can walk on", and we welcome the opportunity to provide a stair to fit your needs.
Three generations of craftsmanship and experience go into each stairway. Skilled engineering and cost efficient construction techniques are combined to create detailed stairways in metal and wood. Stairways are fully fabricated to the dimensions of your application. Each stair is built one step at a time. Custom stair work has been our specialty throughout the years and our stairs are simply the best available.

Stairways, Inc. offers four basic types of Spiral Stairs: Fully Assembled (FAS) ; Standard Kit (SKD); Heavy Duty Kit (HD); and All Wood (AW):

Fully Assembled Spiral Steel
- Fully Assembled spiral stairs are welded and ship in one or two sections and have the most options to offer. Any of the components seen on pages 13, 14 & 15, in our catalog**, are available on this type of spiral staircase. Perfect for residential, industrial or commercial applications. Available in steel, aluminum and stainless steel. The advantages of welded construction are: Design adaptability, any diameter and height, and any material. Ability to ship up to ten code-compliant stairs, per truck, when purchasing in quantity. The only disadvantage of the welded unit is the freight cost.

Standard Spiral Kit
This is our most common spiral stair. It is a bolted assembly with stamped parts. The cost is comparable to a Fully Assembled welded spiral staircase. It is economical to produce and ship. There are limited options, but there are still a good variety of step baluster and handrail designs to choose from. Standard spiral stair kits are available in diameters from 40" to 72," with no height limitation. Available materials for this type of staircase are steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Assembly of a Standard Spiral Kit stair requires two people and approximately 8 hours to complete and it is the most economical to ship.

Heavy Duty Spiral Kit
This is a bolted assembly with all machined parts. Heavy Duty does not mean that it is more structurally sound than our other types of spiral stairs, it only refers to the manufacturing procedures. Heavy Duty Kits have been designed to replace a Fully Assembled Spiral stair when access is an issue. In an upper end application, such as a high rise condominium, this staircase can be transported in an elevator, and when assembled, not look like a kit. Available in steel, aluminum and stainless steel. All parts on this spiral stair unit are machined and not stamped.

Please Note:
Galvanization and Wood treads and handrails are available options on any of the above listed spiral staircases.

All Wood Spiral
Our final spiral stair type is All Wood. Our all wood spiral stairs are beautiful and available in any diameter and height. Our standard wood species is Red Oak but, it is also available in White Oak, Ash, Maple, Walnut, Cherry or Brazilian Cherry, Ipe, Teak, Hickory, Pecan. This staircase is assembled in our plant then disassembled to ship.

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